La Roux - Bulletproof (iamxl remix)

iamxl - Pineapple Princess

Ben Harper - Burn One Down (iamxl drumcircle remix)

Bloody Beetroots ft. Steve Aoki - Warp (iamxl hustle & flow remix)

iamxl - For the Longest Time


iamxl - ringa ringa (bollywood to burnaby remix)


Joy Division - Atmosphere (iamxl remix)  

Ice-T - High Roller (iamxl remix)

King T - Bass (iamxl remix)  

Deadmau5 ft. Fever Marlene - Faxing Berlin 2009 (iamxl remix)  

iamxl ft. Barack Obama - Night Belongs to You (Timewriter remix)  

Sook Yin Lee - beautiful day (iamxl remix)  

iamxl - boom!  

iamxl @ Fabric 

iamxl live in Vancouver

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iamxl.comNever mind the economy, just..... .Don't Lose Your House! Download Here

Back to Berlin - Dec '08 Download Here

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iamxl is Jon Hamlin

Jon Hamlin is a Vancouver, Canada based DJ, producer, remixer, and designer


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Kissy Sellout drops the iamxl "For The Longest Time" remix for the second time - 10/17/2009

Frankmusik drops iamxl's "For the Longest Time" remix on Rob Da Bank's show

iamxl bbc
BBC Radio 1 - Sept 21/2009

iamxl photoshoot with Kris Krug ( and Kim Cathers (Kdon Clothing, Project Runway Canada)

iamxl-1 iamxl-2iamxl-3iamxl-4iamxl-5iamxl-6iamxl-7iamxl-8photo credits: Kris Krug (

Kissy Sellout drops an iamxl remix
"In New DJ's We Trust"
iamxl kissy
BBC Radio 1 UK - July 24/2009

iamxl quoted in Ireland's

iamxl featured as the Remixes Galore, DJ Spotlight

iamxl wins the Pasta Primavera remix contest!

iamxl interview for Insiight Magazine


I make music that I find interesting. I don't base any musical decisions around what is the "in" sound or style at the moment, I just know what I like and what I find interesting and I find ways to try and transition that into something unique for you to listen to and enjoy. I enjoy playing music that people like and have fun listening to. Some of it is club oriented, but some is just to chill to. Therefore, it's difficult to pigeon hole me into one particular style or genre. My biggest inspirations come from 80's hip-hop and rap producers, early electronic producers and the bedroom dj's that flood the internet blogs and YouTube with their original work.

I have been dj'ing professionally for over 12 years, first in Vancouver, Canada, then in London, UK and throughout Europe. Currently I am again based in Vancouver and am producing and remixingtracks for various electronic acts from around the world.

TWSU - Technology Will Save Us is my new record label and you can look forward to upcoming original releases from that in the early part of 2010. We have recently signed two other artists, funky minimalist Doc Martin, and up and coming bassline dj, Doogie Wowza.

Look for any 'iamxl' remixes on your favourite blogs or music download sites and join my Facebook Group and be the first to receive all my latest mixes and event information.

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Mix Tape Downloads

iamxl + Acclaim Magazine (Australia) mixtape

Free Download - Free Download -Free Download

D.A.N.C.E. Happens MixTape

iamxl d.a.n.c.e. happens


1. Sublime - Summertime (iamxl edit)
2. Booty Cologne - Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya (don't feed the monkey remix)
3. Rye Rye ft. MIA - Bang Bang (Nacey Remix)
4. Missy Elliott vs Jesse Rose - Touch my Horn (Hump Day remix)
5. Mowgli - Pa Po Pon
6. N.A.S.A. - Gifted (Steve Aoki remix)
7. Chris Kaeser - Who's in the House? (DJ Chuckie remix)
8. Tiga - Shoes (Noob Remix)
9. Claude Von Stroke - Deep Throat (Justin Martin remix)
10. Douster - More Gunz
11. Armand Van Helden - Bonkers (Doorly Dubstep remix)
12. Santigold - Unstoppable (iamxl edit)
13. K-OS - Sunday Morning (iamxl edit)
14. Too Short - I Need a Freak (iamxl remix)
15. Le Le - Breakfast (Mercury remix)
16. Claude Von Stroke - Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Miami Bootleg)
17. Major Lazer - Pon De Floor (BeautauCue remix)
18. Stoopit - Wamp Wamp (Red Foxx Chopped n FX Edit)
19. Fashen - Bam Bam
20. Switch - A Bit Patchy in Bulo (Tate Re-rub)
21. Bass Weazals - Weazals Love Reggae  
22. Krs-One - Sound of the Police (Freq Nasty mix / iamxl edit)
23. Dizzee Rascal - Fix Up, Look Sharp (ButtonMasher remix)
24. Bass Weazals - Weazaling (ultra low remix)
25. Prince - When Doves Cry (Bobentunem remix)
26. Hot Chip - Over and Over (Solid Groove remix)
27. Nostalgia 77 & Alice Russell - 7 Nation Army (iamxl edit)


iamxl in the media

iamxl's Joy Division remix on Radio 1 - Prague

iamxl remix, closing track at Glastonbury 2009

featured in Fotour Magazine Online

iamxl on the POP! Stereo

iamxl on East Village Radio

iamxl featured on Ninjatronics Lab

new iamxl interview -

iamxl featured on Les Inrocks Podcast (Paris)

read the iamxl interview from IR Minus


Faxing Berlin 2009 hits #7 on Billboard Dance and Club Play Charts! (02/05/09)

billboard logo

Spring Promo Mix Now Available!!

iamxl 2010

Free Download - Free Download - Free Download


1. Tourism Vancouver Video
2. Sis - Nesrib
3. Guy Gerber - Full Moon
4. Hobo - Failsafe
5. Liciano Esse & Tony D - Instabul
6. Format B - Something Suitable
7. Late of the Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Tomski remix)
8. Fredski & Tomas Barfod - March on Swan Lage
9. DOP - Blanche Neige
10. Joy Division - Atmosphere (iamxl remix)

Enjoy some tunes while you're here...

Preview my Back to Berlin mix (Dec 2008)



What the world is saying about my music?

"iamxl takes Lennong to Baltimore by way of the Bee Gee's, making a bright song bounce for the dancefloor" - Rollingstone.comiamxl in rolling stone

"iamxl has been putting in the hard work over the past few months with some strong remixes. He constantly picks different but quality tracks including Deadmau5's‘Faxing Berlin’, Sook Yin Lee's ‘Beautiful Day’ and now Joy Division's ‘Atmosphere’.I’ve heard a few dj’s have a stab at Joy Division and fall short, or just create such an obscure track it would be difficult to actually mix with. This time he holds the anonymous mystery beat behind the track and throws a smooth but glitchy layer all over it". -

"...this particular recontextualization captures the dichotomy of vacant and endless emotion of the original. The bubbly bassline retains hopelessness and despair with the help of vast echoes and a feeling of great uncertainty." - Manalogue

3 time featured artist Promo Tuesday - The House Depot "I'll post your shit all day long Jon... You consistently put out original material that is ill-funky fresh and dripping with flavor." - Miami Vice (

"iamxl always drops sick beats" - Tracklayer

"very hot rework" - Get Weird Turn Pro

"killer track..."- White Folks Get Crunk

"iamxl bringin' up the bpms and killin' it." - Schitz Popinov

About Joy Division - Atmosphere (iamxl remix)...

Featured on France's Les Inrocks PodCast vol. 21

"Who wants to feel like they're tripping their face off? I've got the perfect way for you to do so and have no repercussions of a terrible come down! Not sure what water they're drinking in Canada, but send us some! My mind is officially warped." -

"While it’s difficult to imagine any of the band’s songs remixed, this particular recontextualization captures the dichotomy of vacant and endless emotion of the original. The bubbly bassline retains hopelessness and despair with the help of vast echoes and a feeling of great uncertainty." - Manalogue

Promo Pick of the Week 28/03/09 - "After his Faxing Berlin remix hit the Billboard dance charts the Vancouver DJ set about remixing this classic. This track is warped to say the least! Good for a late night stroll with the headphones." - Best of House

About Faxing Berlin 2009...

"Come closer and take a deep breath of this very fetching piece of sound. Berlin can be as uncomfortable and raw as a fucking sombre forest. But on the other hand Berlin also can caress you as gently as a balmy breeze. And this track is exactly such like a balmy breeze. Come closer and take a deep breath."- The Fast Life

"iamxl’s unique touches to the tune breathe new life into it..." - D Squared

"an absolute must-have Boooomb!" - Tommy Trash (Australia)

"...morçeau de la semaine. Superbe remix d'une chanson déjà géniale!" - Streetkiss Music




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